...Can Come True is a personally self-revealing story of a quiet and gentle man who, while suffering from the tragic loss of his beloved wife and family, finds the strength and encouragement in her parting words to submit his first story for publication. 

Now get to know the famous author as he decides to live out the twelve week romance mystery that he created for his latest manuscript in an attempt to renew a relationship with his high school sweetheart, the first true love of his life.

Will she remember him or has she totally forgotten those days gone by some twenty years ago?

Will she outright reject him from the start or at least concede to a chance to get reacquainted?

Or could it be that she, like he, has never forgotten and still carries a desire to regain what was lost?

Clever, contemporary, and wildly romantic. ...Can Come True will remind you to be careful what you wish for; it may lead to happily ever after.

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 Run The Table: Acceptance

Billiard table technician, Katherine Moes had been physically and emotionally scarred by the man she thought would be her one forever love. Now she uses her pool shooting skills to exact her revenge on men. Until, an unexpected encounter with the one man she fantasizes about beating on a table. When Styler Ross, the current Professional Billiards League Champion, first sees her, he decides to teach the hustler tease a lesson despite the attraction. But what starts on the table may become forever.

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